Immerse yourself in Sydney with this immersive audio and visual
experience created for New Hope’s flagship development,
The Landmark. The immersive experience enters a new and exciting
era for propety marketing allowing potential buyers to step into
product in a 3D enviroment without having to wear goggles.

The concept of ‘Sculpted by Sydney’ gave The Aesthetic the
opportunity to create a sensory experience with 270 degree visuals
and 3D sound. In a market filled with sameness it was imperative to
stand out. By allowing each element its own stage, the film seamlessly
mixes cinematic frames with motion design, CGI and sound design
bringing product, performance, Sydney and sounds of Australia to life.
Engaging International Supermodel Jess Gomes as the face of The
Landmark,will generate them additional media opportunities in the

“We wanted to create an experience for the viewer where vision and
sound had their own stage.
Where the conceptual becomes realised.”