Visionary Investment Group (VIG) seized their passion in bringing to market a remarkably bold, distinct and innovative brand concept to Australia through ‘Silkari’ a luxury property brand and 5 star hotel to be developed on Castlereagh St, Sydney.

The challenge was creating a unified visual aesthetic for a brand with such varying offerings. On one end of the spectrum, we have a 5 star hotel in the city center and the other end luxury serviced apartments in surburban Sydney. The-Aesthetic needed to create imagery that was synonomous with luxury but also spoke to family and lifestyle.

The Aesthetic, Hooper & Brash brands collaborated in weaving the extraordinary with a film and stills campaign that shaped the brands aesthetic.

“By mixing in incredible CGI, with cinematic frames we were able to bring Silkari to life and create living situations. It really gives us a nice experience of, and a feel for, what the hotel and properties will feel like.”
Nick Leary