Nicky Oatley, Hamilton Island’s Brand Manager, said that engaging The Aesthetic was about finding an agency who could reflect Hamilton Island’s premium offering in a fun and down to earth way.

“Our key objective was to show people that Hamilton Island provides an improved holiday experience, following considerable changes to the Island in the past 15 years. We briefed The Aesthetic to create an authentic piece of content, which meant we had to fight against our natural instincts to shoot panorama after panorama of Whitsunday landscapes. Under Nick Leary’s guidance, we opted to go for closer, tighter shots with virtually no destination backdrop. This was very deliberate, as we were trying to show the human connection not just inspiring destination centric images. We had to work with no script, as Nick wanted to follow real families enjoying the Island. It was a huge leap of faith.”

Director Nick Leary believed there was real value in Hamilton Island’s legacy with holidaymakers and the fact that so many people had fond memories – and hence wanted to give a visual nod to the ‘old-school’ memories through cinematic techniques as well as the use of two old-fashioned props – a pet rock and a hand-made toy sailing boat.

“My father always told me that life is about the little things, and it’s something I’ve held onto personally and in my work. These little props that feature throughout, are a reminder that the joy of reconnection can result from just going back to basics and enjoying simple little things together.” Leary said.